A collection of papers

This site is just a collection of papers, for a review purpose, that can be downloaded directly.

You may also check my highly cited papers on Web of Knowledge and my Google scholar page.

1. Zhao, Li-Dong; Berardan, David; Pei, YL; Byl, Celine; Pinsard-Gaudart, Loreynne; Dragoe, Nita; Bi1− xSrxCuSeO oxyselenides as promising thermoelectric materials; Applied Physics Letters 97, 9, 92118 (2010)

2. Li, Jing; Sui, Jiehe; Pei, Yan-Ling; Barreteau, Céline; Berardan, David; Dragoe, Nita; Cai, Wei;  He, Jiaqing; Zhao, Li-Dong; A high thermoelectric figure of merit ZT>1 in Ba heavily doped BiCuSeO oxyselenides, Energy & Environmental Science, 5, 9,  8543-8549 (2012).

3. Pan, Lin; Bérardan, David; Dragoe, Nita; High thermoelectric properties of n-type AgBiSe2; Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 13, 4914-4917 (2013).

4. Sui, Jiehe; Li, Jing; He, Jiaqing; Pei, Yan-Ling; Berardan, David; Wu, Haijun; Dragoe, Nita; Cai, Wei; Zhao, Li-Dong; Texturation boosts the thermoelectric performance of BiCuSeO oxyselenides, Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 10,  2916-2920 (2013).

5. Zhao, Li-Dong; He, Jiaqing; Berardan, David; Lin, Yuanhua; Li, Jing-Feng; Nan, Ce-Wen; Dragoe, Nita; BiCuSeO oxyselenides: new promising thermoelectric materials; Energy & Environmental Science,  7, 9, 2900-2924 (2014).

6. Bérardan, David; Franger, Sylvain; Dragoe, Diana; Meena, Arun Kumar; Dragoe, Nita; Colossal dielectric constant in high entropy oxides; Physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters, 10, 4, 328-333 (2016).

7. Bérardan, David; Franger, Sylvain; Meena, Aruun Kumar; Dragoe, Nita; Room temperature lithium superionic conductivity in high entropy oxides; Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 24, 9536-9541 (2016).

8. Berardan, David; Meena, Arun Kumar; Franger, Sylvain; Herrero, Christiano; Dragoe, Nita; Controlled Jahn-Teller distortion in (MgCoNiCuZn) O-based high entropy oxides; Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 704, 693-700 (2017).

9. Jimenez-Segura, Marco Polo; Takayama, Tomohiro; Bérardan, David; Hoser, Andreas; Reehuis, Manfred; Takagi, Hidenori; Dragoe, Nita; Long-range magnetic ordering in rocksalt-type high-entropy oxides; Applied Physics Letters, 114, 12, 122401 (2019).

10. Dragoe, Nita; Bérardan, David; Order emerging from disorder, Science, 366, 6465, 573-574 (2019).